Documentation for Mach4 setup

Most of this content is listed on our F.A.Q. Mach4 page for Frequently Asked Questions.


Be sure to use our SCU to quickly and easily connect to the ESS the first time!


Tutorial Videos

Once we release the new plugin for the ESS and Mach4, we will release a series of new videos.  There will be changes to how the configuration is performed. 

1) How to Install Mach4 and communicate with your ESS (Since it was simple, I recorded it without sound).  (2015/07/15)

2) This is a longer video: Mach4 EStop and Motors Configuration for the ESS.  The first minute of this video is a partial repeat of the Install Mach 4 video.      (2015/09/16)


We want to sincerely thank DazTheGas for creating these videos!:

  1. OxMods Part 1 Setup Motion Control ad the X Axis.  
  2. OxMods Part 2 Setup Y and Z Axis
  3. ESS Mach4 Homing Offset workaround, and Daz's Original Homing Script.
  4. Mach4 and ESS Homing Script Updated  (2015/09/17) and Daz's Updated Homing Script.


More Video Resources

Here are some more video resources over on the MachSupport forum

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